How to eat like there is no tomorrow!

What does it mean to eat like there is no tomorrow?

To some that could mean that there will be no consequences as a result of what you do or eat today. Is that a good idea to eat as though there will be no consequences?

Let’s explore your attitude and beliefs about the food you eat, or wouldn’t eat to decide what “eating like there is no tomorrow” really means.

What do you think when you see this?


Is it something you want to eat or something you want to avoid? Should you eat it even if you don’t like it because it’s healthy?

What about this? What do you think about this food?


Does the sight of all of those carbs excite you … in a good way? “Yum!” or in a bad way? “That stuff will kill you!”?

How about this??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Bananas? Belly fat?

If you eat one every day will your belly bulge over your belt like this?


Are you confused about fats? Is there really good fats and bad fats? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????Butter? Good or bad? What about margarine? Healthy or unhealthy?

Knowing what to eat is so confusing! There is so much conflicting information about what to eat. To make it even tougher to figure out what to eat, the conflicting information often comes from the same source! One day the doctor says, “egg are bad for you.” Then the same doctor says, “eggs are good for you!” What is it, Doc?

Smoothies! Made with fruit and yogurt and some "stealth vegetables" for extra vitamins and antioxidants and of course, protein powder. Drinking breakfast is a waste of time and calories for me! NO staying power!


An great way to get a lot of nutrition or is it a great way to slurp more calories than you realize?

Here it is! My ideal breakfast. Tastes good with coffee, got some fruit for extra flavor and nutrients and will keep me full, satisfied, and energized until I get to stop for lunch which might not even be until 1 or 2 pm!

What about cake?

This cake has fruit on top. Is that better than frosting? Isn’t cake one of those “red light” foods? One bite of cake and all discretion and moderation is gone and in its place will there be an extreme overeating episode?

good carbs or bad carbs?

Here is oatmeal. Is it gluten-free?

Yes, I know that gluten isn’t in oatmeal naturally, but is gluten added to some oatmeal? Is that why we see “gluten-free” displayed on the packages of some brands of oatmeal?



Candy – bad, right? All that sugar! Well, maybe chocolate has health benefits?

Oh, not milk chocolate, just dark chocolate? What if you don’t like dark chocolate? How good is it for you? Is it so good for you that you should eat some even if you don’t like it?



Animal sources of protein are healthy, but is it healthier to get your protein from non animal proteins.

Oh, and fish have healthy oils but don’t they have heavy metals too? To eat or not eat meat (and fish), that is the question? Whose got the answer?


Looking for some fast food? Which one is the best or will they all kill you?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????




Looking for fast food? Which drive thru lane should you pull into?



Are you looking for answers in this blog? I’m not offering answers, just asking the questions you should be asking yourself. If you are looking for answers, I can’t give you solid answers but I can offer good advice.

Here is my advice:

Eat the food you like. Don’t eat anything you don’t like. Enjoy lots of fruits and vegetables. Eat like there is “no tomorrow.” Eating like “there is no tomorrow” means “do the best you can do today; don’t think that tomorrow you can fix what you regret that you did today!”











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