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Amaze Your Friends! Eat a Single Potato Chip Right in Front of Their Eyes!

People love magic tricks! Here is one you can do for your friends that will have them utterly amazed. They will want to know how you did it! What trickery did you use to make them think you ate a single potato chip – just one, no more! You don’t have to have to be […]

5 Habits for Highly Successful Weight Loss Maintenance

Have you recently lost weight and are worried it won’t stay off? Stop worrying! Here are 5 habits that are easy to incorporate into your life that can keep you at your goal! Habit 1: Support yourself with positive self-talking: This habit is so important that without it, the other 4 won’t matter. You are a […]

How Does Group Support Meetings Make Weight Loss Fun?

Losing weight is rarely associated with fun. Doing the stuff you have to do to lose weight isn’t usually very fun. What’s fun about eating less? What’s fun about rejecting a second serving of something that tastes really good? For that matter, what’s fun about rejecting food that tastes really good ever? We’re not talking about […]

The “Mother Load!”

Lots of mothers know exactly what I’m talking about when I say the “mother load!” The load of weight many women gain when they become (or are becoming) a mother. Women should gain weight during pregnancy. Even women who were overweight when they became pregnant should gain some weight for the health of the baby. […]

You Can’t Stop Menopause But Do You Have to get Fat Too?

With life, for women, comes menopause. Some women fear menopause because it’s a sure sign that she is entering her “declining years.” Some women fear menopause because they believe weight gain always comes with it and there will be no escaping the pounds menopause brings. Well, I guess there’s no denying the declining year point […]

QUIZ! What’s Your Weight Loss Identity?

We all have our basic identities that influence how we behave. Sometimes our personality goes through a transformation when it comes to weight loss. Competent people who go through life setting and achieving goals can turn into self-doubting, self-flagellating, insecure messes. Others, who have never really accomplished much can turn into “Olympic Weight Loss Champions.” It’s […]

Better Booty with a Buddy!

Your idea of a better booty may be different than somebody else’s. Whether a better booty is a smaller one, a firmer one, one that’s lifted and toned, it’s easier to get it with a buddy. Buddies make many things better. Here is why you increase your chances of success with weight loss and exercise […]

Weight Loss Scams and Spams Should Make You Mad!

  Weight loss scams and spams are inescapable! They’re on telephone poles, there in your email, they’re all over your favorite pages on the Internet. Heck, they’re all over EVERY page on the Internet, they’re in the magazines you read and in the newspapers you buy. Some make claims that are just too big for […]