How Are You Affected by Celebrity Weights and Measurements?

I picked up Star Quick & Easy Weight Loss Guide at the supermarket because Jessica Simpson, the retired Weight Watchers spokeswoman was on the cover. What I saw inside had me shaking my head and saying, “Oh my goodness, this can’t be for real!”

Pictured inside was Heidi Klum looking fit and trim at 5′ 9 1/2″ and 120 pounds. That’s a BMI of 17.2.

A BMI of 17.2 is not healthy as there are health risks associated with being too thin.

Keep in mind that the healthy range for BMI is 18.5 to 25. A BMI less than 18.5 is considered underweight and more than 25 is considered overweight. PLEASE NOTE: BMI more than 30 is considered obese although individuals, especially men, can have BMIs well over 30 and not at all obese – just very muscular!


We read that Heidi’s hips measure 34″. The hips in that picture are slim, but they don’t appear to be that slim! I’m skeptical about the accuracy of these numbers. Maybe celebrities fib a little about those things?

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.51.03 PM

Below is Rhianna looking fabulously fit. Her reported hip measurement is 36″. Compared to some of the celebrities featured in this story, 36″ sounds big. 36″ is not big – not even close to being bootlicious.


Her BMI, according to her reported height and weight in this photo puts her at 18.9. I believe that, but I’m having trouble accepting the 36″ hips are for real.

Some of these women are truly tiny, however I still am skeptical that they’re as small as reported in this magazine. On the other hand the camera really can add 10-20 pounds to your appearance based on what you’re wearing, how you’re standing, and the angle at which you’re being photographed. I guess it could be all true.

Demi Moore BMI 20 with a 32" hip? Nah.... not buying it!

Demi Moore BMI 20 with a 32″ hip? Nah…. not buying it!

I have personal experience with the weight a camera can add.

Personal, as in people who watched me on WABI 5 news or Good Day Maine meet me and blurt, “You’re much thinner than you look on TV!”

I don’t know whether to thank them, or never go on TV again!

I also happened to see Jane Fonda in person when she was filming On Golden Pond in 1980. Jane looked very thin, to the point of appearing emaciated, not at all like her enviable screen image.

I don’t know what Jane Fonda’s BMI or measurements were at that time and it doesn’t matter. My point is that these tiny numbers printed in magazines of celebrities who appear attractive, healthy and fit could make us think that we’re too fat if we don’t conform to their measurements.

Skinny as Jane Fonda was when I stood beside her in 1980 in a shop in the Old Port, I don't think even she had 34" hips!

Skinny as Jane Fonda was when I stood beside her in 1980 in a shop in the Old Port, I don’t think even she had 34″ hips!



Melissa Gorga probably is truthful when it comes to height and weight (BMI 19.7) but the 30" hip? That sounds crazy!

Melissa Gorga probably is truthful when it comes to height and weight (BMI 19.7) but the 30″ hip? That sounds crazy!

Honesty seems to be Sofia Vergara's policy too! Her BMI is a healthy 22.

Honesty seems to be Sofia Vergara’s policy! Her BMI is a healthy 22.1 and her hips are 38″!

Getting hung up on numbers makes us lose sight of what matters. What matters is being fit, and feeling healthy and strong. Our best may not conform to celebrity standards and that’s okay. It’s especially okay when we consider that the celebrities who we would like to look like, may look much skinnier, less fit, and more haggard – “Hello, Jane! Is that really you looking so wasted away?” – in person than they appear in media anyway.



Jackie Conn

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