Where Does the Body Fat Go?

When I lost weight, my body burned fat instead of calories for its fuel. What does that mean? Did the body fat just burn up until all was left were the ashes? How did my body rid itself of the ashes of the fat it burned? Did the fat burning actually reduce the number of fat cells in my body?

These are questions I never pondered. All I cared about was that my belly rolls were reduced, my butt became less wide, and my face had a distinct jawline once more. Nothing else mattered.

My only thought about that fat I lost roughly 24 years ago is that I don’t allow it to come back. Through care and dedication to maintain the routines that made weight loss possible, I have succeeded in keeping the fat lost.

Admittedly, it takes more care as I get older but the good news is the good habits that helped me lose weight, are part of my daily routine now. They come as naturally as brushing my teeth and changing my underwear. I wouldn’t consider not doing those things!

Where will this fat go when he loses weight?

Where will this fat go when he loses weight?

Back to the fat and what happens to it.  I never thought about it, but Ruben Meerman did. He teamed up with Andrew Brown to get the answer.

Here it is! What happens to your fat when you lose weight!

Now you know what happens to the fat inside the cells. What about the fat cells themselves? The fat cells don’t go anywhere. They stay on your body lying it wait for you to plump them up again. It explains why diligence is needed to sustain a weight loss.


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