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3 fun ways to lose weight

If losing weight were fun more people would be successful. Part of the problem with weight loss is people treat it like a punishment for the crime of letting myself go. I want to emphasize no crime was committed and therefore there is no punishment necessary. Now that we have the idea that obesity is a punishable […]

I hate counting Weight Watchers SmartPoints

Weight Watchers introduced a new program, Beyond the Scale, featuring a food plan, SmartPoints, a year ago. The scientific and medical communities love it. It’s even been approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a way to manage pre diabetes. It steers users towards food choices that are better for them and evidence-proven […]

Can I do Weight Watchers without a computer or mobile device

“Can I do Weight Watchers® without a computer or a smart phone?” This is a frequently asked question and it replaces the old question, “Can I do Weight Watchers without going to meetings?”   The answer to either of those questions is “Yes.” Yes, You can do Weight Watchers without computers or iOS or Android mobile […]

Winter diet tips, when to scrimp and when to splurge on calories

I’ve been hearing a lot of tips on how to cut calories out of your holiday meals on various network and local new programs. Indeed, I’ve been known to share those tips many times on WABI evening news, Good Day Maine and 207. Why wouldn’t I? They’re good tips, especially when I only have 2 to […]

Low tech weight loss

I’m pretty old. 62! I’ll admit it. Maybe it’s because I’m old that I like low tech weight loss. Just because I’m old and I confessed to liking low-tech weight loss, don’t think I am technology challenged. I was the first of my family and peers to own an iPhone. I’ve upgraded devices with each […]

Fat Season is here! Time to grab the stretch pants?

The day after Halloween is the first day of Fat Season. It is here! Fat season is the perfect storm for weight gain. Multiple factors all come together at once that encourage making more fat, not losing it. We have seasonal goodies. Seasonal goodies aren’t available all year long and that’s what makes them so delicious. […]

I never gain weight in the summer; fall is a different story!

Bye bye summer! I’m going to miss you! Summer is my “natural weight maintenance season.”  It’s easier to do the things that keep my weight down. It comes naturally. It’s not a matter of “should.” It is completely about “want.” I don’t have to think about what I should eat. I can eat what I […]

Can you be forced to lose weight?

Some people think that forced weight loss is an effective solution to America’s problem of obesity. America doesn’t have a problem with obesity.  I’m not saying there are not obese individuals in the US, although, for some reason the word “obese” is as offensive to me as many 4-letter words. I happen to prefer the […]

Another Weight Watchers success story

Diane was my member at my Wednesday night Weight Watchers® meeting. Her name isn’t Diane. She lost 83 pounds; that’s a lot. Everybody told her how great she looked, but Diane looked in the mirror and she didn’t see great. She saw not good enough. “My thighs were huge,” she said to me, “they looked like I needed […]

What’s attitude sickness and why does it make us fat?

Every time you have ever tried to lose weight and failed, it’s always because of the same reason. Yes, always. It might seem to be something different every time, but all failed attempts can be traced to a single cause. It’s because you have a sickness that stops your success. The only reason you have not […]