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Elimination diets are no way to lose weight

What’s an elimination diet? An elimination diet is cutting out certain foods to determine allergies or sensitivities. It’s a proven to work, but it’s no way to lose weight. Two examples of elimination diets said to be effective ways to lose weight are Paleo and Vegan. Both diets demand you give up certain foods and […]

Stinky weight loss

Why would losing weight stink? I’m not talking in a figurative way, although many people have pointed to a lot of reasons why losing weight stinks. It’s most notably because one needs to eat less and exercise more and everything that goes with making those behavioral changes. I’m talking in the most literal sense of […]

If you’re losing weight too slowly it may be TMI

One of the biggest challenges to weight loss today is TMI. Too Much Information. Social media is the main source of health information for many Mainers. They read and share “new studies” and “breakthrough research” multiple times daily without any attempt to validate the information or check sources. This makes things like losing weight complex […]

Eliminate All Animal Products, Go Vegan, Get Thin!

What’s the opposite of Paleo? How about Vegan? Vegan is more than what you eat. It’s how you live. Animal products are avoided – all animal products. That includes fur (of course), leather, wool, and products containing things such as lanolin to name a few. Let’s be clear that there is giving up food that […]

Top 10 Best-Selling Diet Books

Best-selling diet books come and go. Why?┬áBecause dieters are always looking for something new, something easy, and something that works. Clever publishing companies are always feeding dieters need to the newest thing by publishing diet books that promise to be “the one.” I took a look at the best-selling diet books, according to FOX News, […]

For Best Weight Loss Results Don’t Cheat When You Eat

For best weight loss results don’t; no, that’s not strong enough,┬ánever cheat when you eat! If you think I’m saying be 100% perfect and never take a liberty here or there, that’s not what I mean. That’s not even close to what I mean. Let me be more precise. For best weight loss results avoid […]