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Get thin quick with 3 weight loss shortcuts

Losing weight feels good. Losing weight faster feels better. I don’t endorse crazy crash diets that put your health at risk. Most of them don’t even perform the way they’re supposed to anyway. On the other hand, I enthusiastically promote shortcuts proven to speed up the weight loss progress that help you feel great. Here […]

Clutter causes weight gain

Clutter causes weight gain! If you don’t believe me, try uncluttering your environment to see how it affects your weight. Clutter contributes to weight gain or makes weight loss difficult by making it hard to eat well. Clutter tends to make us eat more heavily processed foods. These foods typically have a lot of added […]

Forget about Thanksgiving dinner, this year it’s Thanksgiving thinner

Why do we overeat at Thanksgiving? Dumb question, right? We overeat because it’s expected of us. We’re talking about a holiday that was created for the feast! Yes, of course, the feast is second to giving thanks, but I do believe the thanks was for a successful year in the new land and a tables […]

9 habits to turn around now before you get old and gain weight

There is a saying that says “habits are like chains. You don’t know how strong they are until you go to break them.” Some habits don’t cause trouble for folks when they’re younger, but when they reach their 40s or 50s, and for some people even their 30s, the habits of their youth cause unhealthy […]

What is the best present you can give to yourself?

Who doesn’t like a present? How would you like to give yourself a present that would help you to lose weight? How would you like it if that present not just guaranteed weight loss but helped you to lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived? Here is the absolute best present you can give yourself. […]

How to lose weight without losing your bad habits

Bet you have at least one bad habit that led to gaining weight. There’s a good chance you have tried to lose the bad habits in a sincere effort to lose weight. I bet that you found that breaking habits forever is darn near impossible. You think they’re gone and then some unknown, perhaps even […]

5 Ways to Lower Your Weight

1. Calories count!  Don’t be tricked by empty promises and smokescreens. The only way to lower your weight is to monitor your calories. There are many ways to do that. Weight Watchers® PointsPlus® values, for example, combine calories with their source of nutrients to determine the PointsPlus value of any food you might choose to […]

Changing Your Weight, Sometimes it Hurts!

Sometimes it hurts to change. Sometimes it hurts to learn. Nothing meaningful happens without hurting. Hurting is another word for learning. If we completely live our lives seeking to avoid pain and never experiencing hurt, we will never learn and we will never feel the joy of accomplishment. Hurting isn’t the same as failure. Failure […]

Give yourself a pep talk instead of a stress talk

“Oh my God, I get so stressed out this time of year.” “I’m trying to lose weight and I’m freaking out about all the food everywhere. I don’t know how I can handle this stress.”   “My family always causes me major stress. No matter what I do I can’t please them.” Those are 3 […]

5 Step Plan to End Emotional Eating

Emotional eating can be a among the more challenging weight-related behaviors to change. Many of us never learned coping skills. We feel a strong emotion, it can be either negative or positive emotions – and we use food to try to get away from the discomfort or to intensify the pleasure. When the cycle isn’t broken […]