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Yesterday I ate too much and I’m paying the price

Yesterday was a nothing-special day. It wasn’t a holiday; I wasn’t invited to a party. It was a plain, old day and I don’t have a good reason for eating as much as I did. Worse than eating too much without a good reason, I ate too much stuff that didn’t even taste all that […]

New study says losing weight makes you hungry

There’s a new study that says losing weight makes you hungry. The premise is when you force your body to weigh less, it fights to “return things to normal.” In other words it wants to get things back to the way they were. Have you ever tried to lose weight? If you have you’re probably […]

Easter ChEating

All over the state dieters will be Easter ChEating on Sunday!  What is Easter ChEating? Some people consider eating certain food, or too much food to be “cheating.” While they consume food, they’re consumed with guilt. “Being bad” on a diet should be avoided, but many can’t avoid it. It seems the harder they try, […]

Stop eating like there’s no tomorrow

Weighing too much, for me, was a combination of things. I love food, I am naturally inclined to recline, and I tell myself a lot of lies.  I discovered that I’m not different than many other people whose weight tends to rise above “happy” levels. “Happy Weight” is the range usually no more than 5-10 […]

Holy sabotage, Weight Watchers! Why did you go and change your points?

There are people who are wondering why Weight Watchers “fixed what wasn’t broken.” There are some who openly criticize the new Weight Watchers food plan. They say, “now it’s a diet. I can’t eat what I want without feeling guilty.” Change is never easy. We ask for something better, and when we get it, we […]

The top 10 annoying things people on a diet do!

I understand that losing weight is hard. Heck! I’ve probably list more than 1000 pounds in my life – lost and gained and lost again, that is. The challenges are many. I have empathy for people who are fighting to lose weight and even more empathy for those who feel as though they’re losing their […]

Does Obesity Research Offer New Excuses to Keep Us Fat?

As the general manager of a science-based commercial weight management service ( as opposed to a gimmicky marketing-based diet company) I am kept up-to-date on the latest scientific research that helps to solve the puzzle that is how to achieve sustainable weight management.  I shared some of that research in my blogs, 5 Things That […]

What Do You Need for Weight Loss Support?

I wrote a blog called “Can Weight Loss Can Be Depressing?” I experienced moments of frustration and disappointment. I was confused sometimes about why when I did very well adhering to the food plan, I gained instead of lost. I was never what could be described as “depressed” because so far my life has been depression-free. […]