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I could not be prouder of firefighter Dana McLean who has lost almost 100 pounds

In honor of today being National Firefighters Day, I thought it was appropriate for me to republish Dana McLean’s motivational weight loss story. By now, it’s very possible he’s lost 100 pounds and possibly a few more. You are the man, Dana! When Weight Watchers of Maine launched its Fit to Rescue ME program in […]

The best exercise to bust belly fat

Belly fat. You hate it, who doesn’t? It just sits in rolls. Often it gets out of control and it  wraps around your body so that the belly fat rolls are as visible on your sides and back as they are in front.   Some men try to pretend they don’t have belly fat by […]

9 habits you didn’t realize are why you’re gaining weight

There is a saying that says “habits are like chains. You don’t know how strong they are until you go to break them.” Some habits don’t cause trouble for folks when they’re younger, but when they reach their 40s or 50s, and for some people even their 30s, the habits of their youth cause weight […]

The weight loss method that works better than any other way

For years, actually centuries people have been struggling to lose weight. In fact, it’s believed that the very first person to go on a diet happened to be a man and his approach seems rather masculine as well, He gave up food, and only ingested alcohol – yes, he invented the “drinking man’s diet.” Like most […]

I eat stuff that people say isn’t healthy

I eat gluten, animals, sugar, and a whole bunch of stuff I can neither pronounce nor spell. I eat all of that stuff and I like it. There are chemicals in my food and I can’t pronounce them nor do I even care much about what they are or why they’re there. Am I worried […]

How to diet on the run

One of the most onerous aspects of losing weight is all the planning. Most people who have ever considered, much less attempted weight loss know that planning is key. It’s so important that dieters live by motivational quotes such as, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Where does that leave people like me […]