How to diet on the run

One of the most onerous aspects of losing weight is all the planning. Most people who have ever considered, much less attempted weight loss know that planning is key. It’s so important that dieters live by motivational quotes such as, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Where does that leave people like me […]

Will diet soda kill you or at least give you dementia

Every day we hear or read an urgent warning about a food lots of us eat fairly regularly and how this food will kill us. If it doesn’t kill us it’s going to give us some debilitating condition that will make us wish we were dead. It’s scary. What’s safe to eat? Let me start […]

What does chronic stress do to your weight and what to do about it

April is Stress Awareness Month. Stress does a lot of bad things to people including ruining relationships and causing chronic disease. One disease that’s clearly connected with stress is obesity. Stress is a physical and psychological trigger for overeating. Many people don’t understand what stress does to them or that their stress coping mechanisms are […]

100 pounds loser shares 25 things she can do that used to be impossible

I feel strongly that weight loss is something people should do because it will give them more pleasure in their lives. If the pleasure is more confidence and compliments that’s great, but to me those are external reasons for losing weight. It’s weight loss to please other people. I like to focus on the personal […]

How to keep emotional eating from ruining your weight loss

What emotion sends you to the refrigerator or the snack cupboard, or both? Angry, elated, confused, sad, bored, anxious, depressed, joyful, lonely… or all of these and more? Emotions can be uncomfortable. Food is used to regulate the discomfort and try to feel something good instead of bad. Emotional eating is arguably the major reason […]

3 big fat lies about losing weight

Here are 3 big, fat lies about losing weight that are responsible for unsuccessful weight loss. Lie #1: Carbs make you fat so the best way to lose weight is to cut carbs. Even famous cable TV doctor, Dr. Nowzardan, who treats the people on TLC’s My 600 Pound Life, believes carbs make people fat. […]

Do you really know what your body looks like

Sometimes my body image doesn’t match the image of my body I see in the mirror. It’s startling. I think I look one way, but the reflection of me I see in the mirror looks very different. It’s mostly a matter of age. I feel young and strong and forget that time and gravity have […]