Can weight be lost without losing the luscious lady lumps

Rayla was happy with her chest but didn’t much like the rest of her body.

She wanted to lose about 35-40 pounds to get back to her personal ideal weight. When she had about 20 pounds off she started to worry that her chest was going to disappear altogether.

She barely noticed the inches that came off her hips and thighs. “They seem as big as ever,” she complained. I can’t even fit into smaller pants and skirts.”

She did acknowledge one place on her body that was getting smaller with her weight loss. “My boobs are getting so small I’m afraid I’m going to end up with a concave chest.”

Why do breasts shrink with weight loss?

Breast tissue is mostly fat, or more scientifically, adipose tissue. Reducing your overall body fat affects the breasts making them smaller as you lose fat all over the rest of your body. How much smaller your breasts get with weight loss is in your genetics.

Rayla isn’t alone with her distress over shrinking lady lumps. We can lose weight, but we can’t control where the weight comes off of us. That’s up to our bodies and we can’t change it; it’s literally in our DNA. What does that mean for women like Rayla and millions of other women who want to lose weight but keep their bra size? It’s a matter of doing what you can and accepting what you can’t change.

Here is what you can’t change:
  • Your body type. There are 2 basic body shapes with variations within those shapes. Apple-shaped bodies are heavier on top and pear-shaped bodies are heavier on the bottom. Gaining or losing weight can slightly alter your body shape by making it less noticeable or emphasizing it.

You can’t change your body shape but you will find plenty of products that tell you differently. Don’t believe it. Don’t waste your time and money trying to change that which cannot be changed. No amount of spot exercises can improve an area of your body but they can’t change your basic structure.

Here is what you can do about it:
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