Monthly Archives: March 2017

Happy National Potato Chip Day now try these nutritious snack alternatives

Potato chips may be America’s favorite snack. What’s not to love? Thin slices of potato deep fried until crispy crunchy and topped with salt. They go with almost everything or are delicious when eaten all by themselves. The biggest problem with potato chips for many people is eating them in a satisfying and controlled manner. […]

Daylight savings time, heart attacks and lifestyle

Maine, along with several other New England states are considering ending the seasonal time shifts. There are multiple arguments for keeping daylight savings time year round and one of them is a significant increased risk of heart attacks. The argument for getting on the same time zone as the Canadian Maritimes, Atlantic Time Zone, include […]

Weight Watchers and other fad diets

A fad by definition is “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze.” When Weight Watchers founder, Jean Nidetch opened her first Weight Watchers meeting in the loft over a pizza shop in Queens, NY, it looked like a fad for […]

Food you should never eat when you’re on a diet

Time and money gets wasted on ridiculous research. One of the more ridiculous research projects undertaken more than once was studying what makes people choose the foods they eat. Got an idea what the findings of those studies might be? Yes, if given a choice, people consistently choose what they think tastes good and reject what […]

Hating yourself is bad for relationships and successful weight loss

In today’s blog, two experts consider one problem with multiple dimensions. Jackie Conn is a weight loss and healthy living expert. Jim LaPierre is an expert in mental health and relational health. Jackie: When Karen and Bruce married, she proudly walked down the aisle is a form-fitting, size 4 wedding gown. Karen admits she “dieted […]

How to finally get to your goal weight

How many times have you tried to lose weight? How many times have you hoped “this time will be the time?” How many times has your “different” turned out just like the many times you’ve tried to lose weight before? You want to lose weight, you plan to lose weight, and you try hard to lose weight […]

Does a woman’s weight increase or decrease her value

In honor of International Women’s Day I thought it was important that I address women’s weight and their value. The connection is simple. As much as we are conditioned to think what a woman weighs is important and thinner is better, it’s not true. A woman’s value is neither in her weight or her shape. […]

What does it mean to eat better

What does it mean to eat better? Eating better is changing some less healthy eating habits for healthier ones. That’s all. It’s not as difficult, uncomplicated or unappealing as we’re led to believe. This may include getting fewer calories, more nutrients, healthier ways to prepare food and possibly eating less processed foods and more whole […]