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How to lose weight and save money

Weight loss is an expensive proposition. You have to buy expensive food that nobody else in the household can eat. Dieting can make your food bill more than double. Then there is the expense of a gym membership or buying expensive home gym equipment. “Too expensive” is often a reason why somebody doesn’t want to lose weight, but […]

Is it possible to escape a family curse of obesity

Everybody in my family is fat? Do I have any chance to stay slim? Over the years I have helped a lot of people reach and maintain a healthy weight. Many of them joined Weight Watchers to reverse what they called “a family curse of obesity.” I don’t believe that families are cursed with obesity, but […]

I am glad I am 63 and not 30 years younger

I read a blog that was written by a woman in her 40s. She had been flushing her tampons and wondered, “who doesn’t?” I bet her mother told her that was the sanitary way to dispose of them because her mother is probably close to my age and that’s what we were taught. I am […]

Who thinks weight loss surgery is cheating

If you’re extremely overweight, it seems like no matter what you do you will have mean and ignorant people making unkind judgements about you. Some people think it’s okay to point, stare, and even snap pictures with phones of overweight people. If that’s not bad enough, the same overweight person can lose weight and be […]

Happy National Potato Chip Day now try these nutritious snack alternatives

Potato chips may be America’s favorite snack. What’s not to love? Thin slices of potato deep fried until crispy crunchy and topped with salt. They go with almost everything or are delicious when eaten all by themselves. The biggest problem with potato chips for many people is eating them in a satisfying and controlled manner. […]

Daylight savings time, heart attacks and lifestyle

Maine, along with several other New England states are considering ending the seasonal time shifts. There are multiple arguments for keeping daylight savings time year round and one of them is a significant increased risk of heart attacks. The argument for getting on the same time zone as the Canadian Maritimes, Atlantic Time Zone, include […]

Weight Watchers and other fad diets

A fad by definition is “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze.” When Weight Watchers founder, Jean Nidetch opened her first Weight Watchers meeting in the loft over a pizza shop in Queens, NY, it looked like a fad for […]

Food you should never eat when you’re on a diet

Time and money gets wasted on ridiculous research. One of the more ridiculous research projects undertaken more than once was studying what makes people choose the foods they eat. Got an idea what the findings of those studies might be? Yes, if given a choice, people consistently choose what they think tastes good and reject what […]