Monthly Archives: February 2017

Winter weekends weight loss strategy that works

There are plenty of disadvantages created by winter and few advantages. We’re very familiar with the disadvantages, short cold days, long dark nights, increased hedonic hunger signals and that’s during the week when we have the structure of kids in school and work. On the weekends the structure is gone, we have greater proximity to […]

Why do women gain weight easier than men

If women don’t gain weight easier than men, it sure seems that they do. Maybe it’s because women’s bodies undergo more careful scrutiny for extra pounds than do men’s. Maybe it seems that way because men’s clothing is cut to be for forgiving of a few extra pounds while women’s clothes grab every little bump […]

Can’t stop eating no matter how hard you try

Eating is necessary. You’re supposed to eat. It’s against nature to stop eating. No wonder you can’t stop eating. You want to eat less and that’s pretty hard too. Does trying to eat less always make you end up eating even even more? You’re not alone and there are good reasons why that happens. Emotional, genetic, […]

Maybe a snow day isn’t a weight loss day

Everybody wants to know the secret to successful weight loss. Well, here is my secret. “Maybe today isn’t a weight loss day.” Some days are easier than others to go full speed ahead with your diet. When you have a day like that, use it to your full advantage. Other days, like when you’re stuck […]

4 odd things people think are positive signs they’re losing weight

Over the years I’ve been helping people lose weight, I’ve discovered that some people are absolutely uncertain they’re losing weight unless they experience some physical sensations that they believe are actual byproducts of fat burning. The following methods of alleged body fat burning are anecdotal and there is no science to support them. That hasn’t stopped people […]

Home alone with the kids and the kitchen and it’s snowing

Winter in Maine is hardly ever without a few, or a lot of snow days. We all know how kids feel about snow days. We have an idea how mothers feel about them too. Does the phrase, “just threw a monkey wrench into my plans,” adequately describe it? Kids home because schools are closed can […]

Is Contrave the safe and effective prescription diet pill

Contrave looks like the answers to every overweight person’s dream. It makes you feel full sooner and stops cravings for the sugary, fatty treats that bust the best diet intentions. “It works on two parts of the brain that make us fat.” It’s a miracle, right? It’s the miracle we’ve been looking for for decades, […]