Is the 2017 election making you fat?

Well-known triggers for overeating are stress and strong emotions, and lack of sleep.

The 2017 election, particularly the race for President and the 2nd District Congressional seat are stirring up plenty of that.


If that’s not enough to drive you to the salty, fatty, sugary food for relief, there are the referendum questions. Higher taxes to subsidize schools and transportation? How about weed? Should it be taxed and decriminalized? Then the big debate over the online and gun show sales where currently there’s no background check needed to buy a gun through these venues.

Who will be sitting in these seats representing Maine come 2017?

Who will be sitting in these seats representing Maine come 2017?

This has been a long and nasty campaign but the end is in sight. If you have been stuffing down your emotions and anxieties with food, you will have relief soon.


Once the decisions have been made, the ballots counted and the winners announced, things will go back to normal. Ha, don’t count on it. First there will be all the moaning, groaning, gnashing of teeth, and dire predictions for the future of the country once the President elect takes over. If your candidate isn’t the winner, you may still be losing sleep.

If that’s not bad enough, as soon as the results are in, the whole, horrible circus will begin again immediately for Decision 2020.


So if your pants are getting too tight and the buttons are popping off your shirt because of the upcoming election is making you fat, it’s a good idea to find some healthier outlets for stress and anxiety than overeating. I can help with that.





Jackie Conn

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