Is juicing the easiest way to eat clean, lose weight, and boost health and immunity?

Juicing is popular, especially among those who are concerned with robust, good health and longevity of life.

Should I drink this bag of produce to stay looking and feeling fit?

Should I drink this bag of produce to stay looking and feeling fit?

It’s also a preferred method of weight loss for many more. It’s promoted as a way to cleanse and rest your digestive track while pouring a concentrated liquid of vitamins and nutrients into the body.


It’s further recommended because the vitamins and nutrients in the fruits and vegetables when eaten whole, are only partially untilized by the body. The juicing enthusiasts suggest that 100% of the goodness in fruit and vegetables is completely used by your body when it’s presented to your body in juice form.

If that’s not a good enough endorsement for juicing, then look at Jack LaLane!

LaLane passed away in 2011 in remarkable shape for being a few years shy of 100! And he juiced.

LaLane passed away at his home in California. Maybe he skipped his pneumonia  vaccination shot, because his cause of death is reported to be respiratory failure due to pneumonia. Maybe the immunity boosting properties of juicing just wasn’t enough to prevent the deadly infection or protect him from its effects.

I’m not being irrelevant about the life and death of Jack LaLane. I just think it’s important to understand that bodies – even the best-kept ones – eventually wear out with age, weaken and can no longer support life

It’s also important to realize that LaLane, who became the undisputed Godfather of Fitness, was 88 when he started endorsing the juicer. He was very interested in fitness and good nutrition starting at a young age, but juicing wasn’t part of his regimen for most of his life. Most likely the manufacturer of the juicer sought him to use his name since he was old, healthy, and enjoyed a high degree of name recognition in the fields of health and fitness.


Juicing is better than not eating enough fruit and vegetables, but it’s not superior. The claims are not supported by reliable research. In some ways juicing is not as good. The biggest problem with juicing as a way to lose weight is what typically scuttles a weight loss effort – the calories!

Consider the downside of juicing and its effects on your weight.

Juicing cannot fix a sedentary lifestyle.

Juicing cannot fix or even compensate for a sedentary lifestyle.

We’re always looking for the easiest, most efficient way to achieve a desirable outcome. Juicing can improve the nutritional quality of your diet, but it’s not a magic potion that cleases and makes for faster or more efficient weight loss.


If you enjoy juicing and are likely to fall short of getting 5 – 9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, then by all means, enjoy some juice! Don’t ignore the calories in the juice, however, because your body will be keeping track and if there are too many of them, your body will treat them just as it treats excess calories coming from any source. It will store them as body fat!

So what is the easy way to eat clean, lose weight, and boost health and immunity? The easy way is the moderate way. Eat lots of whole foods, reduce consumption of processed foods, don’t overlook lean protein and move a lot, every day!



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