Monthly Archives: September 2015

Well, excuuuuuuuuuse me! Sorry asking to box half of my meal is such an inconvenience!

Oh boy! What do you think about this? Dining out can be a challenge for those of us whose weight goes up much easier than it comes down. If we only eat out a few times a year for special occasions going for the “full experience” won’t upset our weight loss/maintenance efforts. We can enjoy a […]

Should you be losing weight faster?

“I’m losing weight, but I want to lose faster. What can I do?” Before I answer the question, I need to repeat the warning about losing weight fast. This only applies to you if you’re not under a doctor’s supervision. If you’re losing weight under a doctor’s care, particularly a bariatric physician, your doctor is […]

How to lose weight without losing your bad habits

Bet you have at least one bad habit that led to gaining weight. There’s a good chance you have tried to lose the bad habits in a sincere effort to lose weight. I bet that you found that breaking habits forever is darn near impossible. You think they’re gone and then some unknown, perhaps even […]

Stop the War on Obesity! Why I am against a War on Obesity

I am against war. I am against all wars, including a war on obesity. “You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” –Albert Einstein I agree with Albert Einstein, if indeed he really did say that, because thanks to the Internet there are a lot of quotes by him, and other great people, that seem […]