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Do these things every day to lose weight!

Losing weight is about doing things differently. It’s not about neverĀ eating any five foods. It’s not about eating special foods in special combinations or swallowing a load of glop to give you non surgical mini gastric bypass results. The things you need to do differently are not big things. They’re little things. They are things […]

3 Easy Steps to get back on track with your weight loss no matter how big the setback!

Rare is the person who is losing weight who doesn’t have lapses and setbacks. It’s common and it’s not an indicator or success or failure. The thing that tells you is you’ll be successful or not is what happens after the setback. Getting back on track isn’t hard when you use this 3-step plan. 1. […]

5 Reasons Why Losing Weight is such a Struggle.

If losing weight were easy the only people who would be overweight would be the people who had absolutely no interest in weighing less. I can’t say with all certainty, but I feel safe to surmise, that many people who don’t have interest in losing weight, would be interested if it weren’t such an overwhelming […]