Monthly Archives: July 2015

What’s attitude sickness and why does it make us fat?

Every time you have ever tried to lose weight and failed, it’s always because of the same reason. Yes, always. It might seem to be something different every time, but all failed attempts can be traced to a single cause. It’s because you have a sickness that stops your success. The only reason you have not […]

Stop! Before you eat that ask yourself, did Ariana Grande lick it?

Ariana Grande, You can kiss my…. *ss…errr… doughnuts Her denouncement of America and Americans riled up fans, would-be fans, and people who never heard her music or of her until this incident. In an effort to control the potential damage to her career she issued a statement to apologize. It was her apology that bothered […]

What to say to somebody who lost a lot of weight

Have you ever had a friend who was fat one day and thin the next? Okay, your friend didn’t exactly lose a lot of weight overnight, but it seemed that way. Your friend lost weight over weeks, months, perhaps even years but you weren’t paying attention. You didn’t notice any changes in behavior and your […]

The same instincts that allowed my ancestors to survive are killing me!

I, just as my ancestors thousands of years ago, was created to spend most of my time and energy seeking food. My ancestors might have luck finding some food and they couldn’t be picky. The available food might not be particularly palatable, but even though it didn’t taste very good it was important that they ate […]

Fat Shaming, Fat Acceptance, and people who can’t mind their own business

This video appeared in my Facebook feed. I love this girl. She is young, smart, self-confident and not trying to influence anybody to lose or gain weight.  On the other hand, she gets a lot of comments from people who are more interested in her weight than is natural. She isn’t exaggerating when she talks […]

Blow Up Your Summer with these 4 easy Weight Loss Hacks!

Does summer support or undermine your weight reduction progress? If the ice cream, impromptu parties, cookouts, s’mores, frosty, creamy libations, vacations, lack of consistent schedules, and “too hot to move” weather makes you give up on your goals until fall, this blog is for you! Here are easy ways to make summer a great time […]