Monthly Archives: June 2015

Science-Based Home Environmental Management Tips to Aid Healthy Lifestyle and Body Weight

It’s a proven scientific fact; our environment influences our behavior. We can use that knowledge to help us behave in ways to support weight control. We can arrange our personal environments to make healthy lifestyle choices become our habits. An environment created with a healthy lifestyle in mind can change our habits and thus change our weight. Here […]

Something is eating you and it’s making you fat!

What’s eating you? How is it making you fat? What can you do about it? What if it can’t be stopped? What monster is in your gut right now demanding you feed it? There’s no monster in your gut demanding to be fed. The monster isn’t in your gut, it’s in your head. Don’t bother clicking […]

What’s the No Diet Diet?

Ever since I have been old enough to be aware that I would like to weigh less, I’ve been interested in finding a no diet diet. I wanted to be like my lucky friends who simply ate and never gained excess weight. After years of dieting and losing weight and not dieting and gaining weight […]

Will your child become obese in self-defense?

Parents, educators, and health care professionals are alarmed by the problem of obesity in children. There are many good reasons for being alarmed, including young children being diagnosed with serious, chronic diseases that have been thought to be “adult diseases.” While we search to find a way to manage and avoid childhood obesity it’s possible that […]

Master Cleanse Diet

Cleansing diets are promoted as a way to optimize health and weight loss results. There are commercial cleanses available to purchase online or in your favorite health supply store. There are also cleanse recipes you can make with ingredients you probably have on hand in your kitchen right now. One popular cleanse uses water – […]