Monthly Archives: April 2015

What Would You Weigh If You Never Gave Up?

This isn’t specifically about Weight Watchers, but as a Weight Watchers leader there were many times that I watched a member lose 30 pounds. During that same time, that same member also gained 40 pounds. When the member finally became so discouraged she quit, she weighed more than when she started.  People experience that phenomenon with any […]

I Know Food Can be Fattening, But What About the Stuff I Drink

Too many calories is fattening. You can get too many calories from the food you eat and the things you drink. There seems to be more confusion about beverages and their effect on body weight than food. That’s not to say that food and body weight isn’t confusing, because it is. Beverages and body weight […]

How to Instantly Feel and Look Thinner!

Why bother trying to feel and look thinner? Why not just take action to become thinner? Have you ever heard the saying, “fake it ’til you make it”? It’s a very effective strategy for change. If you want to change your weight so that you’re thinner, feeling and looking thinner require making thinner actions. Thinner […]

Best of Sooner or Lighter: Fantastic, Fabulous, Flirty Fat

Fat isn’t all bad. Some fat on the body is fantastic, fabulous and flirty as is some fat in the diet. Read all about the wonders of fat. I am republishing this blog hopes that readers will gain an appreciation of fat. It could help you achieve your personally acceptable balance of fat to lean. There are […]

Bananas Make People Fat!

When I look at the top searches that lead people to my blog, bananas and belly fat are usually in the number 1 or 2 most frequently searched spot. That means that the Internet has done a very good job planting suspicion and doubt into the minds of people who either already want to get rid of […]

The Best of Sooner or Later: Jump Start Your Weight Loss

Easter was yesterday. All across Maine people ate candy, lots of candy, too much candy! Today they’re feeling full and fat. Finally we’re seeing signs that weather is getting warmer. Lots of those people who feel fat and full now want to get ready for summer. Here is a healthy way to get started with […]

How to Trick Your Fat Belly into Thinking It’s Full

Eat less, lose weight! Simple isn’t it? If you cut back on how much food you’re eating you will lose weight. So easy, in fact, nothing can be easier. The concept, perhaps, is easy. The action, however, is far less easy. For some it’s not easy at all. In fact, it’s very hard because even […]