Monthly Archives: March 2015

What’s a Diet Necklace and other Weight Loss Wearables?

Necklaces have power to change behavior. Dogs wear a necklace that gives them a zap if they’re about to leave the yard. Now there’s a necklace to help people lose weight. No, it doesn’t give users a zap when they eat too much, but I’m sure there are people who would prefer that it did! […]

I Am All About That Bass

Meghan Trainor’s All About that Bass is about self-acceptance. I’m all about that. Meghan Trainor’s self-acceptance message in All About the Bass is based on how her body is perceived by the boys. I’m not all about that. My problem with “her positive self image” and song about her perfect body is because she needs validation from […]

Slim Your Belly! Best Belly Busting Advice

More than anything else people want to know what 5 foods should be eaten to get rid of belly fat. Getting rid of belly fat seems to be the biggest goal for many people who are seeking either better health or to be more attractive (or both!) Before I get to how true it is that there […]

The Future of Food

Michael Pollan, Jamie Oliver, and Kelly Brownell have spoken and scores of their acolytes have listened. While their message seems to be beyond reproach, don’t mistake their agenda. They want to change how we eat, to make us healthier they say, but maybe it’s not about our health but rather their wealth. Agitating the public […]

Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Sluggish metabolism is a common complaint often blamed for an inability to lose weight. Many believe their metabolism is slow because of yo-yo weight cycling. Some people have trouble recognizing the difference between a slow metabolism and their eating and exercising behaviors. They blame a “dead metabolism” for trouble losing or maintaining weight when the […]

Don’t hate me because I’m not fat anymore

Penny expected to lose a lot of things when she lost weight. She expected to lose the pain in her knees and hips. She thought she’d lose the awful heartburn she suffered after every meal. She wanted to lose the feeling of lethargy she couldn’t escape when she was carrying around all the extra weight. […]

Bananas, Belly Fat, and Changing Your Weight (part 4)

The banana debate rages on. What do bananas do to your body? Are they the belly enemy or defender? Should we never eat another banana to rid ourselves of disgusting belly fat? I don’t know how bananas got undeserved reputation for creating belly fat. As far as a single food can affect your belly blubber, […]