5 Easy Ways To Get Thinner

Getting thinner can be easy when you don’t worry about getting thinner faster. The faster you hope to get thin the more difficult the process will be.

Here 5 are proven steps to getting thinner the easy and effective way!

1. Let go of self doubt.

It’s a fact that anything is easier to do when you believe you can do it. The hardest things you’ll (n)ever do are the things you believe are impossible. From a logical point of view, why even try the impossible?

2. Let go of the time table.

Suppose you wanted to gain a certain number of pounds by a certain date. You may think, “oh yeah, that would be easy! I would just eat as much as I want and I’d gain weight.” True, you could eat as much as you want, but once you give yourself permission to do that, you may find it’s harder to keep eating after you’re full than you thought. You will gain weight, but you will find you  don’t have control over how much weight you can gain in a specific amount of time. Forget about the “when” and enjoy the “what.” The “what” are the new behaviors you’ll engage to make getting thinner easier.

3. Stop following the fads.

Gluten-free is a fad. If you’ve been diagnosed by a qualified healthcare professional with a gluten sensitivity or allergy, then it’s not a fad for you. Many of the people who are trying to go gluten-free don’t need to and in doing so are unnecessarily limiting their access to foods that are good for them and that they enjoy.

There are no shortage of fads. I am aware that some people are passionate about the way they lose weight and disagree that their plan is a fad, but there are many more who jump from Paleo to 5 Foods to Never Eat to the No Bananas Diet to the best-selling diet book of the minute. Jumping from diet to diet to diet is more about being a slave to fads than making a rational decision about improving eating and exercising behaviors to achieve and support a thinner body.

4. Get what you want by doing what you want.

You can get what you want by doing what you don’t want to do. That’s the hard way. You can get what you want, by doing what you want and that’s the easy way. For example, you want to get thinner and you know that increasing your physical activity will help. You could decide a three-mile run every day would burn a lot of calories and even though you hate to run, it will give you what you want. How long will you want to keep running when you hate to run? Maybe you’ll learn to love running or more likely you’ll look for valid reasons to stop running.

You burn the same calories walking three miles! You don’t have to walk all three miles in one stretch. You will burn the same calories spreading out your three-mile walk over the course of your day.  Walking an extra three miles a day can be easy and it means about 60 minutes of walking at a fairly brisk speed to cover the distance. If every hour or so you get up to walk briskly for 10 minutes, you’ll only need to do that six times. That’s so easy there will be no need to look for excuses to avoid doing that. You will do it because you like the results you get from doing something so easy.

5. Get thinner with friends.

Find buddies who want to get thinner the easy way just like you are. Share ideas. Give and receive support if the going gets tough. If you must deal with negative people who are trying to stand in your way to getting thinner or who feel compelled to comment about what you’re doing “wrong” your buddies will let you vent. Their understanding and empathy is the best way to get back to feeling good about taking the easy road to thinner!

Jackie Conn

About Jackie Conn

Jackie Conn is married and has four grown daughters and four grandchildren. She is a Weight Watchers success story. She's a weight loss expert with 25 years of experience guiding women and men to their weight-related goals. Her articles on weight management have been published in health, family and women's magazines. She has been a regular guest on Channel 5 WABI news, FOX network morning program Good Day Maine and 207 on WCSH.