Monthly Archives: January 2015

Is Your Food Calling to You? What’s it Saying?

Does your food call your name? Do the cookies in the cupboard softly whisper, “come get me!” Is the ice cream hollering to you? What about the pizza parlor? Does it transmit images of hot, fresh pizza in your mind? Do you get strange vibes from the pizza parlor telling you to call to order […]

When Losing Weight Start Slow to get to the Big Finish!

You can run a mile faster than you can walk a mile, but if you’re out of shape and hurt yourself after only running a few yards, you will never be able to run that mile. Walking is slower but you’re less likely to hurt yourself and therefore more likely to cover the distance to […]

Is Food Your Drug of Choice?

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of people saying, “weight loss is simple. Just eat less and exercise, (and under their breath you hear, or in their eyes you see) ya big, fat fatty!” Some people can easily follow that advice. They scale back their food, the kick up their physical activity […]

What to Count for Weight Loss? Calories? Carbs? Protein? Fat? Points? Servings? Bites?

There is no shortage of approaches to losing weight. One way or another, the approaches that work all do one thing. They cut calories. If you do not create a calorie deficit you won’t lose weight. You can count on that. When calorie consumption is less than the calories your body requires to fuel its […]

How to Help Your Overweight or Obese Child

You want to help your chubby child lose weight. You should know that mistakes parents make can result in your plump child turning into a childhood obesity statistic. The biggest mistake is putting that child on a diet! I’m not trying to scare you, or suggest you don’t take any action. I want to help you to […]

How to Get Healthier

People want to get healthy and no wonder, health improves every aspect of life including longevity. One problem is knowing what to do to get healthy and how to recognize the sleazy predators that don’t care about your health – just your money – from the good, reliable sources of information. Another problem is that even […]