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Why is Santa Claus so fat?

Santa Claus is the most famous fat man in the world. He usually gets a pass for his heavyweight condition, except from nutcase, anti-obesity activist Meme Roth who says, “the customary image of Santa Claus is close to morbidly obese.”  She believes he should be re-invented into a jolly old elf who resembles Jack LaLane because […]

Lose Weight! Don’t Eat That; Eat This!

Losing weight is easy when you don’t eat the wrong stuff and eat the right stuff. Too bad determining what to eat and what not to eat isn’t easy. Too bad we get conflicting information about what to eat and what not to eat everywhere we look. Too bad lists of forbidden foods seem to tell […]

The Skinny Pill

Everybody wants to know about the new skinny pill. It’s the secret celebrities are using to get skinny fast. New moms are popping the skinny pill and dramatically dropping all their pregnancy weight. Some celebrities aren’t just shedding pounds gained during pregnancy. They’re losing prepregnancy weight too; they’re skinnier and shapelier than they’ve been in […]

Give yourself a pep talk instead of a stress talk

“Oh my God, I get so stressed out this time of year.” “I’m trying to lose weight and I’m freaking out about all the food everywhere. I don’t know how I can handle this stress.”   “My family always causes me major stress. No matter what I do I can’t please them.” Those are 3 […]

Switch-it-Up Weight Loss Works!

Anybody can be a winner at weight loss, including you. You may have years of experience struggling to keep your weight under control. It seems like the more you struggle, the more you gain. When that happens, it’s a message we’re not getting. The message is, “You’re going about this all wrong!” Although it seems […]

What I Love About Losing Weight (and Maintaining it, too!)

Of course losing weight is about stepping on a scale and seeing a smaller number, but that’s not what I love most about losing weight. The things I love most about losing weight can’t even be measured on a scale. Here are the things I love about losing weight! Catching my reflection in the passenger’s […]