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We Don’t Want No Diet Food! Cookie Recipe!

You want to lose weight – not eat cardboard! There seems to be several reasons to eat diet food and none of them make sense. You get to eat more!   “Oh great, I get to eat more of stuff that tastes absolutely no good.” It tastes bad so it naturally depresses your appetite!   “Oh great, […]

My Fat Friend Isn’t the “Fat One” anymore (and I am!)

Relationships are based on a variety of things. Some are positive; some are not. One not-so-great relationship is based on “my fat friend makes me feel better about myself.” Feeling good about ourself shouldn’t be predicated on how we compare to others. It should be focused entirely on who and what we are. Ideally it should be […]

Put Your Cellphone Away When You Eat!

I walked into a restaurant the other day. There was a table with 6 people eating together, or were they eating together? Each one was bent over a smartphone. There was no interaction among the people sitting at the table. They were all mindlessly putting forkfuls of food into their mouths while engrossed with their […]

My Weight Loss Christmas Wish List

My Christmas wish list is mostly things that don’t exist or aren’t invented yet, that would make it easier to lose weight and stay at goal. Auto-balance dinner plate – When I get a little heavy handed serving myself and my plate starts to reflect it, an auto-balance plate rearranges its contents to establish balance […]

6 Things Not So Great About Losing Weight

Lose weight, feel great! How often have you heard or read that? There’s no escaping the message that “losing weight will make you happy,” but that’s not always the case. Losing weight isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. There are downsides to weight loss such as: 1. Lose weight; eat crap! There’s no […]

End-of-the-Year-Weight-Loss Strategies

Late in November people who have been carefully managing their weight start to lose their motivation. They go into the month with steadfast determination and exit the month with, “I’ll worry about my weight next year. It’s too hard and no fun to be losing weight during the holiday season.” They’re lying to themselves. While […]

Ayurvedic Diet

If you’re not already confused about which diet is the best one for health and weight management, Dr. Oz is promoting yet another one. This one comes from ancient India. It categorizes your body type into one of 3 types and then recommends the healthiest way for you to eat based on your classification. Be […]

Holiday weight gain may be from too many liquid calories

Maybe the holiday weight gain that’s attributed to special, oversized holiday meals and sweets is misplaced. Could be the problem isn’t what we’re eating, it’s what we’re drinking! Yup, all that holiday cheer has to go somewhere and if we’re not careful, that place is, among other places on our bodies, right on our butts. No […]