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No Weighing? Measuring? Counting? No Thanks! I don’t want pseudofood!

Weighing, measuring and counting your food sounds so tedious. In her commercial Marie Osmond forgot to mention going to meetings too. Ugh! Who wants to go through all that just to lose weight? We could just sign up for one of those weight loss services that deliver the psuedofood to our doors. All we have […]

Important Weight Loss Information!

  Most of us are going to slip on our diets. It’s human, it’s normal, it’s almost unavoidable. The slips don’t matter; they won’t destroy us, make it impossible to reach or get back to our goal, or leave us permanently fat. The slips are insignificant. What matters is what we learn from our slips. Slips […]

I’m Addicted to Food! Can I Lose Weight?

Attempting to recover from a food addiction has to be a lot harder than recovering from any other substance addiction. Alcoholics must never drink alcoholic beverages again. People with nicotine addictions must never use any products that contain nicotine again. Drug addicts must avoid all mind-altering drugs forever. Whatever the addiction may be, the standard […]

Eliminate All Animal Products, Go Vegan, Get Thin!

What’s the opposite of Paleo? How about Vegan? Vegan is more than what you eat. It’s how you live. Animal products are avoided – all animal products. That includes fur (of course), leather, wool, and products containing things such as lanolin to name a few. Let’s be clear that there is giving up food that […]

Lose Weight While You Enjoy the Holiday Season!

“Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season is Coming and My Diet Will Be Blown!” We end every year with a bunch of holidays and festive activities that are centered around food. I’d argue that it’s the best holiday food and treats of the year. We hear statistics about average weight gains from the period starting with Thanksgiving […]

When Conventional Weight Loss Strategies Haven’t Worked, Try Something Crazy!

1. Gross yourself out! Here is one way to gross yourself out with mental images (mind power): You want some premium ice cream. You serve yourself the 1/2 cup serving that’s a standard serving size according to the cartons. (Yeah, according to the carton, and largely ignored by the ice cream-eating public!) You eat it slowly […]

I’m on a diet what can I eat?

First thing people want to know is, “what can I eat?” The question is asked with some trepidation. It’s spoken with the fear that good-tasting food will be taken away and in its place will be food that’s either bland, tasteless, or truly disgusting. The real answer to the question, “what can I eat?” is […]

5 signs you’re succeeding with weight loss even if the scale doesn’t say so

When we decide to lose weight, a crappy little machine wants to make or break us. It’s not much more than a little slab of metal and springs that sits on the floor of our bathrooms. It becomes the most important thing in our lives and the bane of our existence. Everything we do revolves […]

Lose Weight By Paying More Taxes?

Obesity is a concern in the US. Statistics are not good. It’s estimated that by the year 2025 as many as 75% of all Americans will be obese. This is a rather extreme prediction and nobody can really say. We do know, however, that there are some very serious health risks associated with obesity and […]