You can’t get THIS with a free weight loss app!

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People, too many people, think losing weight is doing some stuff differently and *BOOM* the weight is gone. Some people think they’ll just need to do some stuff until they get back to their old weight. They’ll use a free weight loss app. Once they get back to what the want to weigh, they’ll stay there […]

How to spend a snow day by classiegallie

Guest blog by classygallie Snow days are boring. I know, I know. We love them. Ain’t many things better than a snow day, right? They get us out of school and work, and we sure do like getting out of school and work. School and work are not the greatest. But know what is the […]

What women over 50 need to know about belly fat


Women who have spent their whole lives slim often get a rude surprise in their 50s. Why am I getting so fat? Why is my belly bulging? What caused these rolls of fat on my back and belly?  Waistbands start to dig into fat that was never there before. Rolls of back fat suddenly appear. […]

5 Tips to beat any diet emergency


If you have experience losing weight, you know that it’s a rare and wonderful day when you’re not faced with a single diet emergency. Diet emergencies come when we’re expecting them and they can take us completely by surprise. There are a lot of diet emergencies between start and goal for most people. Sometimes you face […]

Kirstie and Oprah! Big Fat Cheaters?

oprah and kirstie

I’m not good about waiting in lines. I hate it, especially when I’m waiting to give too much of my money to a store for a couple of products that probably cost a lot less somewhere else. So if the line is more than a few people, I pick up one of the magazines that […]

A man is disgusted when she sits down beside him on an airplane….


A man is disgusted when she sits down beside him on an airplane. 2 hours later he’s a changed man! Without reading the story, you may already guess why the man is disgusted. The woman who sat down beside him is either, a different race than he is, wearing garments to indicate she’s of a […]

The 3 worst mistakes you can make trying to lose weight


Why do so many people try to lose weight making these absolute 3 worst mistakes anybody can make? Maybe it’s because they are promoted so often by “experts” that people don’t see the folly in them. 1. Giving up favorite foods. This can either be just one or two specific foods such as chocolate and […]