Are You a Healthy Eater or a Smart Eater? Take the Quiz!


It’s no secret that the way you eat affects both your weight and your health. It also affects your mood. Food is meant to be pleasure, but the weight management process can take all the pleasure out of eating. There are two ways to eat to support both weight management and good health, but one […]

Did You Know that Cavemen Ate Wraps? Paleo Diet Isn’t For Me!

Eat like a Modern Man!

The Paleo Diet has been around since the 60s but in the last few years it’s begun to gain popularity rapidly. Why shouldn’t it? We’re told if we eat like a cavemen we can be lean, ripped, and incredibly healthy. Who doesn’t want that? And it sounds so easy because, well, yeah, even a caveman can […]

New Weight Loss Drug Approved Last Week (9/10/14)


If obesity is a disease, shouldn’t there be a drug to cure it? It seems logical, but it’s not practical, at least not yet. Obesity, unlike other diseases is far more complex and much less understood than a disease caused by a simple virus or bacteria. Therefore the cure will be different for different patients. One […]

Really? Never Eat Bananas for a Flat Stomach!


If you want to know what makes you fat, causes stubborn belly fat, and keeps you fat despite your daily high-intensity workouts, there is only one food responsible for that. It’s bananas! Definitely bananas are the major source of belly fat, and I can say that with certainty because I read it all over the […]

Retraining Yourself to Eat For Lasting Weight Loss Success (Part 3)

Sofas are built with drink holders and little mini fridges. You can eat and play without ever getting . Everything can be controlled with remotes. Our environment keeps making it easier to eat too much and move too little!

Retraining yourself to eat for weight loss requires changes but you will be surprised how many things you’re already doing that support weight loss. Despite what you may think, you don’t have to change everything. Chances are good you have several or more good habits already in place. In Part 2 we focused on the […]

Retraining Yourself to Eat for Lasting Weight Loss Success (Part 2)


The following statement is true and when you believe the truth your job of retraining yourself to eat to maintain a healthy weight becomes a natural and sustainable process. “You were born with perfect eating habits. Instinctively you could balance your incoming calories with the calories your body required for its energy needs.” And almost […]

Retraining Yourself to Eat for Weight Loss Success (Part 1)

You can choose what to eat without worrying about the "diet police" judging your choices!

You want to lose weight and you want to keep it off. That means one thing; you’re going to have to retrain yourself to eat differently. Successfully maintaining a healthy weight means that you can’t just eat a bunch of diet entrees until you reach goal and then revert to former eating habits. It doesn’t mean […]

Guess What Popular Weight Loss Advice is All Wrong? You Won’t Believe it!

Salads won't lead to weight loss, unless they're a replacement for something higher in calories!

Everybody knows to lose weight you have to eat more fruit and vegetables! This is standard weight loss advice. It has been repeated for decades, if not centuries…… ….and it’s completely wrong and false! In fact, check this out from an article dated, Thursday, June 26, 2014. Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham […]

1 Easy Goal for Successful Weight Loss


Your goal weight may be 5, 10, 50, 100, or more pounds away. If the only goal you’re focusing on is your personal magic number, you are making the process so much harder than it needs to be. Setting small goals is the best way to get off to a good start. It doesn’t matter […]