5 things you must give up to weigh less


Here are the things you need to give up to weigh less and to weigh less and stay weighing less.  1. All fattening foods! If you continue to eat fattening foods you’ll never lose weight. What are the foods that are fattening? That depends on you. You’re the one who categorizes the food you eat. […]

I was a selfish mom

I was a selfish mother and I have no regret and certainly no guilt about it. Practically everything I did as a mother was because it was what I wanted or needed. When my girls were growing up I gave them no say about how they would spend their summers. We did what made me […]

How to lose weight when you’re lazy


If you’re overweight, lazy and lacking self-discipline and you want to lose weight, this is for you! Some people will never lose weight because they let limiting beliefs stop them from recognizing their awesome inner resources. Instead they believe they’re lazy and undisciplined. I won’t argue with how you see yourself, even if I don’t agree, […]

5 things you should know about your body fat


Here are 5 things you should know about your fat. They are actual and fatual … er… factual! 1. The fat on your body is good and it needs to be there. Body fat isn’t put on your body to make you ugly, disgust people who think that body fat is unsightly, or in any […]

What your scale doesn’t know


Your scale doesn’t know much, but that may not stop you when it comes to letting it be the sole judge of well you’re doing with your weight-related goals. We step on the scale waiting for it to render its judgement. Are we a success or a failure? After a second or so, the judgement comes […]

Get thin quick! 3 Weight loss shortcuts!


Losing weight feels good. Losing weight faster feels better. I don’t endorse crazy crash diets that put your health at risk. Most of them don’t even perform the way they’re supposed to anyway. On the other hand, I enthusiastically promote shortcuts proven to speed up the weight loss progress that help you feel great! Here […]

Weight loss fact and fallacy


What’s a weight loss fact? What’s a weight loss fallacy? Why is it so hard to tell what are facts and what are fallacies? This blog will separate the facts from the fallacies. FACT: Calories count. Yes! They count and it all comes down to reducing calories to fewer than a body is burning for its […]

Feast/Fast! Is that a healthy way to lose weight?


Feasting/fasting as a weight loss strategy is in the news. People are sharing their success following a weight loss plan that calls for fasting two days of the week and feasting the other five. That’s the simple principle the 5:2 Diet plan embraces. It’s been proven to work and before you dismiss it as “unhealthy” […]

How do I lose weight when I gotta be eating all day?


A lot of us eat a lot more than we realize. I’m not talking about portion distortion or putting great, big servings of food on our plates and thinking it’s a reasonable helping. I’m talking about eating throughout the day without paying attention to how often or how much we’re putting this or that into […]