If you’re sure you can’t lose weight you must read this


You can lose weight. Yes, you, even if you’re certain you can’t. Even if you tried to lose weight multiple times and failed every single time, you can lose weight. Start with a reasonable goal – 5 to 10% of your starting weight. You might think you can’t lose weight because you have never reached […]

Time to start your pre holiday crash diet

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November 1 is the day to start your pre holiday season crash diet. Mark your calendar. Get ready to employ some heavy-duty weight loss strategies so that you can enjoy free-for-all eating starting on Thanksgiving day and ending on New Year’s Day. This is a radical departure from my usual weight management advice. I am […]

2 essential weight loss rules for people who hate rules


I hate rules, especially weight loss rules. Rules are often hard to follow, but easy to break, at least for me. When it comes to weight loss rules they’re usually restrictive and/or a bad fit with my life. For example, here’s a rule that’s a bad fit for me – Start every day with a […]

What parents and children should know about getting weighed in school


Thanks to a particularly contentious race between Emily Cain (D) and Bruce Poliquin (R) for Maine’s 2nd District seat in the House of Representatives we are aware of Emily Cain’s sponsorship of a bill to weigh Maine’s public school children. Cain sponsored the bill, which she says had support from Maine pediatricians and both parties, to help […]

Breast cancer survivors are often surprised with weight gain


It seems unfair that after getting diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully battling the disease that survivors should have a higher rate of weight gain than women who never had breast cancer. Of course, there’s nothing fair about breast cancer or illness in general, but why should women who survived breast cancer have another tough […]

How to candyproof yourself before Halloween gets here

It’s almost here. It’s Halloween and it’s been the death of many a good diet for decades, probably centuries. Probably ever since the trick-or-treat tradition began mothers (and others) who’ve been doing their best to take off a few or many pounds find their efforts go asunder when the kiddies come home with the Halloween […]

If you’re losing weight too slowly it may be TMI

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One of the biggest challenges to weight loss today is TMI. Too Much Information. Social media is the main source of health information for many Mainers. They read and share “new studies” and “breakthrough research” multiple times daily without any attempt to validate the information or check sources. This makes things like losing weight complex […]

What kills more women than breast cancer?


It’s October. It’s breast cancer awareness month and women should be aware of their risk and how to take care of themselves to minimize the risk. Women should also know that there is a bigger threat to their lives than breast cancer. In fact, this killer kills 6 times more women than all the cancers put […]

Why did I leave the fair hungry?

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I can’t deny that I have a sweet tooth. If you read my blogs you know I like cake for breakfast. You know that until I became the mother of a precocious 5-year-old daughter I took off my unwanted pounds with a diet that consisted of 2 doughnuts and a cup of black coffee in the […]