What to do when you’re hangry


The Maine meteorologists have been talking a lot about the “Triple Hs” lately and why wouldn’t they? It’s summer and H•H•H goes with the territory. I’m talking about Hot, Hazy, and Humid, of course, but there’s a fourth H they never mention. Hangry! Dealing with weather described as the triple Hs, is often a catalyst […]

How to eat like a happy loser in Maine


It could be hard to be a happy loser on vacation. If you’re losing by restricting your food choices, there’s no happy in that. If you’re eating too much and you’re reversing your losing progress, there’s no happy in that either. Maine is Vacationland and what better thing to do on vacation than enjoy all […]

I gained weight and I’m glad

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I gained weight and I’m glad! I wasn’t one of those skinny people who needed to gain some weight just to stop looking like a walking skeleton. HA! Heavens, no! I have plenty of meat (and fat) on my bones. In fact, more than I need, and yet I’m happy to have gained weight. It’s a […]

3 Things you should never say to an overweight child


#1. “You have to be careful or you’ll end up just like (fill in the blank – an obese family member.)” Every time you speak to a child you’re giving them information they’ll use to create their self-identity. You don’t want to unintentionally help them to create a negative self-identity. Winding up obese like “Auntie […]

10 things to take away from My Big Fat Fabulous Life

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I love On Demand. It lets me watch my shows on my time and if it’s been a while I can watch several episodes in a week. It’s a great way to catch up. I’ve just caught up with the current season of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life. I’d like to share what I […]

Learn this skill to maintain your goal weight


There is a statistic that tells us 99% of all weight loss attempts eventually fail. I reject that it’s actually 99%. There is really no way to accurately measure how many weight loss attempts fail. I’m certain that it’s far fewer than 99% and the National Weight Control Registry has proven it, but that doesn’t […]

Eat! Drink! and Weigh Less!


How would you like to eat, drink and weigh less? You can! Reducing your weight isn’t a matter of fearing food, it’s all about learning how to eat less and love it more! Fear of food is making us fat! Every time I turn around I see headlines exclaiming the ever-rising obesity rate in the […]