What Are You Drinking? What’s it doing to/for you?


Weight Watchers of Maine and Northeast Coca Cola Bottling Co. teamed up to help you understand what you’re drinking and how it affects your health and weight. FREE PRESENTATION Tuesday, April 28 at 6pm at the Weight Watchers South Portland Center. 241 Running Hill Road, South Portland (Across from the Target Shopping Plaza) Special guest, […]

Lose Weight Like A Celebrity! Surround Yourself With Personal Trainers for Free!


This blog is a repeat of an earlier blog with a slight editorial twist Celebrities have it easy when it comes to losing weight. They have personal trainers and probably their movie studios foot the bill. We know trainers can make a big difference. You can have personal trainers for free too. Their names are […]

After Weight Loss Surgery What Comes Next?


Weight loss surgery is an effective tool to help get obesity under control. It’s a tool; it’s not cheating. It’s a tool; it’s not an admission of laziness or weakness. It’s a tool; it doesn’t fix everything magically. It’s a tool and it’s surgery, major surgery, and therefore nothing to take lightly. Surgery can help […]

What Would You Weigh If You Never Gave Up?


This isn’t specifically about Weight Watchers, but as a Weight Watchers leader there were many times that I watched a member lose 30 pounds. During that same time, that same member also gained 40 pounds. When the member finally became so discouraged she quit, she weighed more than when she started.  People experience that phenomenon with any […]

I Know Food Can be Fattening, But What About the Stuff I Drink

Group of various soda drinks in aluminum cans isolated on white

Too many calories is fattening. You can get too many calories from the food you eat and the things you drink. There seems to be more confusion about beverages and their effect on body weight than food. That’s not to say that food and body weight isn’t confusing, because it is. Beverages and body weight […]

How to Instantly Feel and Look Thinner!


Why bother trying to feel and look thinner? Why not just take action to become thinner? Have you ever heard the saying, “fake it ’til you make it”? It’s a very effective strategy for change. If you want to change your weight so that you’re thinner, feeling and looking thinner require making thinner actions. Thinner […]