Forget about Thanksgiving Dinner, this year it’s Thanksgiving Thinner!

"I can't hear you!"

Why do we overeat at Thanksgiving? Dumb question, right? We overeat because it’s expected of us. We’re talking about a holiday that was created for the feast! Yes, of course, the feast is second to giving thanks, but I do believe the thanks was for a successful year in the new land and a TABLE […]

Thinner Thanksgiving feasting


This isn’t about reducing calories in the recipes for Thanksgiving favorite dishes. This is about preparing your head to successfully overcome the challenges that come with Thanksgiving and the rest of the weekend that follows the big day. Like Steven Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, said, “always start with the end in […]

Presidential candidate thinks it’s okay to make fun of fat people


I typically stay away from politics in my blogs because, well, I blog about weight not politics. Sometimes I do stray onto the topic of politics however, because there is increasingly more evidence that our government is getting very interested in how much citizens weigh. My opinion is that the interest in weight really isn’t […]

You won’t lose weight if you don’t like the food you have to eat


A resourceful child in my daughter’s fifth grade class wrote an essay on a break-through weight loss surgery. She hypothesized that if a surgeon could flip taste buds upside down it would be easy to lose weight.The theory was patients who had the procedure would no longer like the taste of food that makes them […]

Don’t send your overweight child to an adult-based weight loss group

Although we'd like to think this is what happens when kids join an adult weight loss group and that they stay that way for life, the research doesn't support the theory.

Overweight kids are kids! They are not overweight, tiny adults. It’s a mistake to treat them as though they were tiny, overweight adults. It’s a mistake, but that doesn’t stop parents and even some childhood obesity experts from treating them that way. It’s not uncommon for parents of fat children to feel confused, overwhelmed and unsupported. It’s […]

The dumb mistake dieters can make before Thanksgiving and 5 simple steps to avoid it!


Diet, lifestyle change, whatever you want to call it, I’m talking about people who are working hard to weigh less by whatever means and the dumbest mistake they can make before Thanksgiving. The dumbest mistake is not training for the big event. Athletes do not go into a competition without training. Actors don’t perform without […]

How much is weight loss worth to you?


Today I had a conversation with somebody who really wants to lose weight. She agreed it was okay to blog about her as long as I avoided anything that would allow somebody to recognize her, so I will not use her name. Her reason, she told me, was to actually weigh the weight displayed on […]

Fat Season is here! Time to grab the stretch pants?


The day after Halloween is the first day of Fat Season. It is here! Fat season is the perfect storm for weight gain. Multiple factors all come together at once that encourage making more fat, not losing it. We have seasonal goodies. Seasonal goodies aren’t available all year long and that’s what makes them so delicious. […]

5 Strategies to End the Year Weighing Less


If you’re among the many Americans who put on weight during the final months of the year here are some things you can do to make this the year you lose a little weight instead of gaining it. 1. Pull out your calendar – either a paper or digital – Add any parties or other […]