No Health Care Benefits for You Because You’re Overweight?


This morning a local TV station in Portland asks the question on its Facebook page: QUESTION OF THE DAY — More companies are now monitoring not just your job performance, but your waistline as well. They are offering incentives for people who participate in wellness programs, and some companies are even limiting the health care […]

You Took it Off, Now KEEP IT OFF! 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Goal


It’s so discouraging to work hard, lose weight, and be back to where you started in six months, or a year.  Even worse was getting to goal only to gain beyond your starting weight. No wonder so many people say, “Weight loss is hard, but not half as hard and maintaining weight loss.” Believe that […]

Do You Have to Lose Weight to be Healthy?


We hear a lot about the connection between health and weight. It’s hard to argue that being overweight is healthy. Maybe it’s healthy to be overweight, maybe it’s not. Is health really a matter of how much you weigh or what you do? I think there’s a lot of proof that weight is not the […]

Telling Yourself these 4 Big Fat Lies Keep You Big and Fat

I'm overweight because my metabolism is dead, I have a glandular disorder, and I'm addicted to carbs and I can't lose weight because I don't have the time or the money!"

Richard Simmons, famous weight loss guru drove around in a car with a vanity plate that read, YRUFAT. YRUFAT? I have an answer for him, that applies to not all, but certainly many people who are overweight and don’t want to be that way. They’re fat because they tell themselves lies. They tell themselves lies […]

Lose Weight AND Eat Halloween Candy!


Have you walked into the grocery store lately, or Walmart, or Target, or one of the big drugstore chains? If you have you probably have seen bigger, fuller, more Halloween candy displays than you’ve ever seen in your life! It’s a total candyrama! What does that mean to total, out-of-control candy lovers? It means you […]

Smoking! The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did to Try to Lose Weight!


The dumbest thing I ever did to try to lose weight was to smoke! That was even dumber than the unbalanced, low-calorie crash diet I followed in an attempt to lose weight fast! The low-calorie, unbalanced diet was my own creation. I wanted to drastically reduce calories and be able to eat what I knew […]

Run Your Body


No, this isn’t a blog about running. I’m no runner. I have no desire to become a runner. I think running is fine – great, even – for people who like to run. I’m simply not one of them and I’m happy that walking works as well for me as running works for others! When […]

3 Science-Based Weight Loss and Maintenance Facts


Oh boy! This is a bold statement to make because every time we think we have a weight loss fact, somebody somewhere does some research that seems to negate that fact. The facts I’m about to share have been thoroughly vetted. They stand the test of time and testing! There’s been research to try to […]

The I Love Me Diet


I think it’s time we stop trying to follow a weight loss plan that was made by somebody else, for somebody else. With that approach we are overlooking the most important person – Me! The I Love Me diet is based on two winning principles. 1. I love me and I want the best for […]

How to Transfer Your Life Skills to Your Weight Loss

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.49.25 PM

In your lifetime you have accumulated a skill set that helped you progress in your life. If you’re like a lot of people you may not even know how powerful your skills are or the many ways you can apply them to achieve amazing results. Your most basic skill was developed early in life, in […]