5 Resolutions to make in 2017 and none is “go on a diet”


Weight loss or diet resolutions are arguably made more often than any other New Year’s resolution. It’s a perfect time to both remove any excess weight gained during the holiday season as well as any extra pounds gained throughout the rest of the year and previous years.  Story continues below advertisement. Diets are the number one […]

No Christmas cookies for me because I’m on a diet


Here comes the Christmas cookies and the eggnog. Only the thin people and the people who don’t care how much they weigh get to enjoy the treats of the holiday. The rest of us are going to have to employ some strong discipline and willpower to stick to the obligatory party vegetable tray throughout the holiday […]

How can Dad help his daughters to maintain healthy weights?


Is helping female children maintain healthy habits and a healthy self-image and a healthy weight is the mother’s job? There’s no denying that mothers are important when it comes to daughters’ health, habits, and self-esteem, but her efforts can either be reinforced or undone by the father. Parents can do a great job role modeling healthy eating […]

This blog can save your weight-related goal through the holiday season


Losing weight is never easy. Losing weight at the end of the year is arguably the hardest time for most people. There’s more food, more pressure to eat it, and for many people more stress and other difficult emotions. No wonder weight gain is common this time of year. No wonder so many people just […]

Why you didn’t lose weight in 2016


Another year is about to end. The end of the year may mean it’s another year your weight-related goals when unmet. It could even be one of many years that comes to a close and your weight goal eludes you. Here is why you didn’t lose weight in ’16. You tried too hard. You took […]

Put away the cell phone when you eat to weigh less

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I walked into a restaurant the other day. There was a table with 6 people eating together, or were they eating together? Each one was bent over a smartphone. There was no interaction among the people sitting at the table. They were all mindlessly putting forkfuls of food into their mouths while engrossed with their […]

Winter diet tips, when to scrimp and when to splurge on calories


I’ve been hearing a lot of tips on how to cut calories out of your holiday meals on various network and local new programs. Indeed, I’ve been known to share those tips many times on WABI evening news, Good Day Maine and 207. Why wouldn’t I? They’re good tips, especially when I only have 2 to […]

No wonder they call the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday


Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Unlike October 29, 1929, known as Black Tuesday, the start of the Great Depression when U.S. stock market prices suddenly collapsed, the Black in Black Friday stands for economic success. It’s believed to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Black Friday has a different meaning for those whose […]

Please have faith in me


Jim LaPierre, Recovery Rocks, writes: Just as failure and relapse rates are high in substance abuse, so too they are in our attempts to overcome food addictions and achieve weight loss goals. I want to throttle every person who quotes statistics on the effectiveness of rehabilitative programs. Today’s piece is a guest blog from my […]