Stop the War on Obesity! Why I am against a War on Obesity


I am against war. I am against all wars, including a war on obesity. “You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” -Albert Einstein I agree with Albert Einstein, if indeed he really did say that, because thanks to the Internet there are a lot of quotes by him, and other great people, that seem […]

Guest Post! Exercising at work

It’s been suggested to me that featuring a guest writer in my blog from time to time is a good way to keep readers interested and attract new readers. I found a guest writer and her blog, while it reflects my values, is written in a style that most certainly is not mine and therefore, […]

Weight Loss Diets *Results not typical. Your results may vary* What!! What??


Results not typical. Your results may vary. I’m a believer in Weight Watchers. It worked for me in 1990/91 and it’s still working for me. In fact, it worked/works so well for me that I am working for it! I think it’s the best commercial weight loss program available today. As a longtime veteran of […]

Mature woman, hear me loud, DON’T WEIGHT!

Yep, this is one of those dresses! This photo was taken August 23, 2015.

An unspeakable horror happened recently in broad daylight in a place that most people would say it’s a place as safe as any place in the world. What happened in that supermarket in Saco, Maine to a beautiful woman will likely change how all women, especially us “mature women” feel about safety in public. I’m […]

4 signs you’re letting your weight wreck your life!


People don’t need to be obese or even overweight to let their weight ruin their lives. In fact, lots of people who aren’t even slightly overweight, and those who are much too thin, let their weight ruin their lives. Most of us have plenty of things in our lives that have the potential to wreck […]

Eat this one food everyday to lose more weight than you believed possible!


Losing weight is hard. You might have personal experience that told you just how hard it is to lose weight. Perhaps, you haven’t tried, but you have close friends and relatives who have. Their dismal success convinced you there was no point even trying. Weight loss might be on your list of things to do […]