Biggest Mistakes You Can Make the Day After Eating Too Much on Thanksgiving


Maybe you were planning to stick right to your diet on Thanksgiving as though it wasn’t a dedicated feast day. You had the best intentions to adhere to your weight loss plan limits, but somehow the plans didn’t keep you on the low-calorie straight and narrow. Now it’s over and it’s the day after Thanksgiving and you […]

5 Foods I Should Never Eat to Avoid Holiday Belly Fat


No wonder Santa struggles with belly fat. Every year there are delicious holiday foods everywhere! I look forward to them and give myself a little extra freedom to be able to indulge in my favorite once-a-year treats. Of course, when I give myself a little extra freedom it’s not without a price. I can choose […]

Don’t Stress over Counting and Tracking Your Food over the Holidays


Counting and tracking is stressful. Look at the ways it brings us stress: How does this holiday treat count? I’m eating a lot of food that’s not part of my typical food plan. It’s stressing me out having to look up how these unfamiliar foods count. I like to eat on autopilot and already know, […]

Stop Crimes Against Your Body


Crimes committed against bodies are so common that they aren’t even recognized as the cruel and abusive actions they really are. Body crimes can be categorized into two groups. There’s hate crimes and criminal neglect. Hate crimes are the things we say about our bodies. We obsess over every little thing we think is wrong. […]

Stupid Weight Loss Tricks


These are stupid weight loss tricks, but what the heck, they work! The hard part about weight loss is sticking to your weight loss plan. While there are some basics that make sticking to the plan easier, few people with weight to lose have reported it’s “easy to lose weight.” Anything that helps you improve […]

Thanksgiving Day Could Cost You 4500 Calories and 229 Grams of Fat!


There are days that support weight loss and days that don’t. Some days are simply maintenance days – days that influence neither loss nor gain. Then there are some days that could be weight gain days. Thanksgiving is one of those days! Before you panic and worry that you’ll blow all the progress you made so […]

5 Wrong Ways to Lose Weight


It’s a little uncomfortable and sometimes downright hard to make changes to enable weight loss. Despite the hard parts about weight loss most people experience very positive benefits as well. Things like feeling better, having more energy, feeling less bloated are typically enjoyed when actively engaged in weight management. If you’re not enjoying those positive […]

No Weighing? Measuring? Counting? No Thanks! I don’t want pseudofood!


Weighing, measuring and counting your food sounds so tedious. In her commercial Marie Osmond forgot to mention going to meetings too. Ugh! Who wants to go through all that just to lose weight? We could just sign up for one of those weight loss services that deliver the psuedofood to our doors. All we have […]

Important Weight Loss Information!

Beating yourself up or tearing out your hair won't help you avoid another slip or even get back on track.

  Most of us are going to slip on our diets. It’s human, it’s normal, it’s almost unavoidable. The slips don’t matter; they won’t destroy us, make it impossible to reach or get back to our goal, or leave us permanently fat. The slips are insignificant. What matters is what we learn from our slips. Slips […]